about cheryl

Cheryl Biren is a Philadelphia-based writer, researcher and photographer.

Note: This is an inactive blog site. My articles can be found predominantly on Opednews.com.


4 responses to “about cheryl

  1. Thank you, Cheryl, for writing this article. Maybe there is hope for our Republic yet.
    DC Rapier

  2. Dear Cheryl,
    Can’t find an email contact address, so I’ll try this!
    We can only offer proper credit in return, but we would like to consider using one of your photos from the Shut Down the AEC protest in our next issue of the Nuclear Resister, going to press sometime next week. We print in b/w on newsprint – 1500 usually, 800 by subscription. You can see .pdfs of our publication at the website.
    If you are willing, we’ll need a high-res version of the shot we choose.
    Thanks for your work and your consideration!

  3. Dr.Anthony R. Peluso

    I do not know if you and others working for NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT(etc.) are aware that after the HIROSHIMA MAIDENS finished their treatments(unbelievable surgery/skin grafts/ligaments,etc.) at least one of them stayed in the U.S. and possibly adopted a boy? If she is still alive or any of her suvivors(family/friends) their’s would be a very powerful voice in these efforts to make a NUCLEAR-FREE WORLD!

  4. I just found out from OEN that you are suing the City of Philadelphia. Thank you for an act that is for the benefit of everyone in Philadelphia, and actually everyone in the US and some other countries as well.

    Is there an email list or anything of that nature from which I might receive updates on the progress of your lawsuit?

    Ralph Dratman
    Cherry Hill, NJ

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